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A Look at COVID-19 Vaccines So Far

Updated: May 9, 2023

COVID-19 vaccines have been a hotly-debated topic since 2019. Across the United States, vaccine mandates were initiated with haste and intensity, making it difficult or impossible for some to keep their jobs without one. One perspective is that the only way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from infecting those most vulnerable to it is for the majority of the population to receive a vaccine. With faith placed in the hands of world-renowned doctors and organizations, many are hoping for them to solve the crisis. On the other hand, some agree that this could be one major way that Americans, and those around the world, will surrender their rights and bodily autonomy to a system of governments that has shown itself to be overreaching. Organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Institute of Health (NIH) do what they can to promote the use of vaccines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure their safety for use, but more evidence and testimonies continue to arise suggesting that they are indeed harmful to the health and well-being of many. As of now, clarity is out of reach. While some are trusting the medical authorities for a cure, might there be far-reaching consequences of putting too much faith in them?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, stated in an interview on the National Institute of Health’s website with it’s director, Dr. Francis Collins that, in dealing with the development of the vaccines, it is difficult to ascertain the potential effects that they will have on those who receive them. He said, "[...]there’s never guarantee that your candidate [vaccine] will be both safe and effective". Dr. Fauci has noted concern with the financial risk associated with developing unsafe vaccines and having to dispose of them all.(1) Vaccines are said to be tested for efficacy and side effects in three (3) phases. Phase 1 of vaccine testing assures the initial safety of the vaccine. Testing in phase 1 usually involves hundreds of healthy adult participants. During phase 2 of testing, a larger sample of hundreds or even thousands of healthy adults is used and the immune response and general safety continue to be measured, as well as the efficacy compared to non-immunized individuals. Phase 3 begins the clinic trials, providing the most information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.(2)

A recent study has been published in the British Medical Journal regarding the effects of a variety of vaccine brands on the menstruation of women who are not on any form of birth control and have otherwise normal cycles. The data was pulled from a popular period-tracker and women's health app, "Natural Cycles". The study found that women who received a vaccine experienced significantly heavier bleeding on their first menstruation following the vaccination than usual, with additional pain that was abnormal. One of the women even stated that she could not move or get out of bed due to the pain. It was noted that after that first menstruation following the shot, their periods began to return to normal. This situation had many women fearful that something may now be wrong with their bodies, but others, now are not worried due to the subsiding of the symptoms. Years from now, they would need to studied again to see if there are any lasting effects.(3)

More recently, Scotland has been experiencing an increase in the infant mortality rate. The NIHS refused to conduct a study on whether or not vaccines played a part in the increase in infant deaths, stating that they did not find it necessary. John Campbell stated that it would be damaging to the credibility of the vaccines to conduct a study. At least eighteen babies under four weeks old died in March 2022, and at least twenty-one died in September 2021. This means that in March, the average mortality rate was 4.6/1000 births, and 4.9/1000 in September. The average is 2/1000. This is the highest the mortality rate has been in Scotland for 10 years. Without even a single study conducted, it was stated in The Herald (Scotland) that vaccines have been ruled out as a potential cause for the increased infant mortality rate.(9)

Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) is a blood-clotting disorder caused by certain brands of the COVID-19 vaccine. This disorder causes potentially life-threatening blood clots to appear in the lungs.

A local immunized Lakeland resident experienced a 7-millimeter pulmonary embolism in their left lung that their pulmonologist confirmed to be the result of their recent Pfizer vaccine four days prior. This individual was otherwise healthy, with no family history of any kind of clotting disorders, and makes sure to eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently.

They claim, "I felt this weird pressure in my chest and left shoulder that didn't hurt at first but woke me in the night because it was causing such pain."

They went to work the following morning, but left immediately after a meeting to go to urgent care. Their x-ray was normal, but a CT scan revealed a clot in the left lung. This warranted the nurse to send them to the emergency room immediately, where it was discovered that their D-Dimer levels (a protein fragment that appears in the blood when a clot dissolves) were very elevated. They stayed in the hospital for two days before being discharged. While admitted, the attending physician instructed them to report the embolism to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

"Some people say that many reports on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System’s (VAERS) website can be fabricated, but after filling out the form, I saw just how extensive it was. It was asking for information such as your health insurance, Social Security number, date of vaccine, date of doctor's visit, and details of the medical issue experienced. It took so much time and I wondered if anyone would really be able to use false information on the form," they commented.(4)

Robert Malone, M.D., the internationally-recognized scientist and physician who developed the mRNA vaccine technology used in COVID-19 vaccines states on his website, "I am questioning what the US government is doing with vaccines, the previous clinical trials (or lack there of) for traditional vaccines and the many, many mRNA vaccines now in clinical trials. These trials must have had their pre-clinical data packages signed off on, which means that all of the adverse events, mRNA stability issues, the nanolipid particle issues in the original pre-clinical data package must have been “normalized” by the FDA."

Dr. Malone does not believe that organizations such as the FDA, NIH, or CDC are working in the best interest of the people and are not doing their due diligence to ensure the safety of the vaccines. As the creator of the technology used in these vaccines, he is aware of the potential they have to alter aspects of the delicate, yet complex systems of the body. He is actively doing his best to stop vaccine mandates and teach about life-saving treatments for COVID-19 in order to save as many lives as possible.(5)

Meanwhile, WHO (World Health Organization) has plans to unveil a plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines globally. According to Alexandra Phelan, a lawyer at Georgetown University, the equivalent of 64% of the global population has already signed up to be part of COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX).(6)

How effective are COVID-19 vaccines, anyways? Are there people getting sick even after receiving rounds of the vaccine? In short, the answer is yes. The question that is so difficult to answer, though, is "How many people are getting sick with COVID-19 despite receiving- the vaccine?" According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a non-vaccinated individual aged 18-49 is 3.9 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 than a fully vaccinated individual, and 3.8 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 than a boosted individual. The statistics are even higher for those who are older. Unvaccinated people aged 50-64 are 4.2 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 than fully vaccinated individuals, and 5.4 times more likely than those who were boosted. Finally, unvaccinated people aged 65 and older are 5.6 times more likely than those their age who are fully vaccinated to become hospitalized for COVID-19, and 7.2 times more likely than those who are boosted. Even with the COVID-19 vaccine, many people are still getting the virus, though the likelihood of illness decreases.(7)

The COVID-19 crisis and the political, economic, and social disruption that has been caused by it has been the reason for the World Economic Forum (WEF) to introduce a possible plan for the global future known as "The Great Reset". With this, the WEF will attempt to bring a new system of order to the world. A video that surfaced on WEF’s YouTube channel explaining the future that was in store for all if the Great Reset were to happen. In brief, some of the things discussed in the video were the transition of most jobs and schools relying on a physical location to using online or remote instead, device cafes where you'd scan a QR code that would tag your location, and scanners that can identify you by your heartbeat.(8)

Ultimately, we're left wondering about the usefulness of vaccines, and if they're worth the risks involved, not just for the health of the nation, but the future of freedom. The issue of mandated vaccines immediately calls into question the concept of bodily autonomy. Do we each have control over our own bodies, or are we a threat to others if we are ill? What should we do, whilst living in such a populated world, to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy? What happens if vaccines cause reproductive problems and the deaths of many? These are the questions we must be poised to answer.



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