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Fahrenheit 451 : The Resurrection of Madness

When my husband and I decided to move to Florida 20 plus years ago , we were leaving NYC because of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. Never in our wildest dreams did we see that the true craziness was going to emerge in our very own backyards. Placing into jeopardy my son's and son's friends futures.

During the years of living here in the state of Florida have gone through "four" governors. Having close encounters on a "positive" nature with three of them , but now ,I find myself living in a Florida that I can not fathom (to penetrate and come to understand). Especially in the Florida I live in today. If the temperature has risen, that is an understatement.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the book written by Ray Bradbury ,"Fahrenheit 451". A dystopian novel that presents an American society where books have been personified and outlawed and "firemen" burn any that are found. The novel follows Guy Montag, a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his role of censoring literature and destroying knowledge, eventually quitting his job and committing himself to the preservation of literary and cultural writings. Ladies & gentlemen this "book" was part of my required High School reading. Obviously it scared me, but I thought its science fiction, we're a much sophisticated society to even think or behave in such a manner (this was in 1975 when my English teacher Mr. Clark at the HS of Art & Design in NYC had me select this piece to read and write mt report on). Hence , it brings me , it brings us to Florida 2023.

Having some European bloodlines within my family tree ,during the late 1900's many left Europe .Motives for leaving Europe—religious, political, and/or social—were as diverse as migrants' social backgrounds, but obviously a very important reason was also economic opportunity in the broadest sense, was one of the single most important reason that people boarded ships for the colonies towards their future. But what my great grand parents spoke mostly about was religious , political and social issues were just as important as economic opportunities. I was a child then ,but since I grew up mostly with adults , I immersed myself in their conversations with much curiosity putting in my two cents every now and then. Wow how I miss those conversations.

But where am I going with my back in time memories? Well ... it takes me to my present time in this state. Issues affecting the rights of so many being trampled on, while in the halls of so called justice, they're laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of our citizens rights. From book banning , abortion rights , attacks on institutions of higher learning , dismantling of a communities history through learning about it at a scholastic level, protections for our Unionized workers , young female athletes privacy being questioned , open carry of guns , gender rights attacked simply because they are a special demographic, placing a rat trap on Disney, the doing away with another political party and the attack on freedom of speech by any reporter/blogger in this state and I can keep on going. But you all are already witnesses to the irrational madness , the lack of "empathy" towards anyone they consider "different" or someone who has an opinion or a different way of life.

As you can see and are currently experiencing , we are not living in a state that holds true the concept our forefathers beliefs of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The freedom guaranteed under the Constitution includes the aggregate of personal, civil, and political rights of individuals. freedom of expression, which includes free speech, free press, and the freedom to assemble and petition the government; and. freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice any religion (or none) and the separation of church and state.

Unfortunately , many that I know , are ok with this new Fahrenheit : 2023. I keep asking myself why do they keep quite? Why are they so resolute on someone's behavior and decision making that will ultimately be the downfall of many ,simply because they're in the drivers seat now. have they forgotten that this is how it began in Cuba , Venezuela ,Peru , Bolivia , Argentina , Nicaragua & El Salvador. What is going on? Is it that humanity just doesn't want to think and live on their own anymore? Do they wish to be spoon fed everything? Are lobotomy's the treat for the day? I thought we were better than this. Isn't that why so many want to come and live here? Or is the master plan or the final solution in dealing with those wanting to come here to live to reconsider since we're starting to eerily resemble their own governments from their homelands? Food for thought.

I don't have a suggestion as to what can we do. But what we can is give those fighting the good fight more ammo. More incentives to continue to fight and make sure they have the talking points to dismantle the madness that Florida's Fahrenheit : 2023's author has imposed on the "FREE" citizens of this state and of this nation.

Con cuchillo en boca hay que llevar el Tiburon a su retiro.

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