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To Learn or Not To Learn the TRUTH ; This is how he wants it

Growing up in the New York City Public School system , I got to learn and read about all sorts of things. Fiction and Non Fiction , history , science , math , art etc. While in my first year of college, the TV mini series Roots aired, it was then that I saw what some of my text books lacked in depth the history of one of the most inhumane times in this country. Mind you , there have been others of which have just as well been afflicted with inhumane treatment, but I will go into that another time.

So my question to you is , "why can't our children know about other Americans?" Or , why should adults of which our children have not selected to have them choose for them be in control of how they learn, perceive and see how truly this country , heck even how this world has had to struggle and fight for justice so they can just to live their lives as humanly possible without having to always look over their shoulder or wonder why are they looking ta me or telling me to simply speak English.

I know that every decade or so we get these over the top leaders if leading through fear is considered one, that completely wants to outright change things because he doesn't feel that it has any "significance or value" to his followers/believers ,etc. But to those who follow such individuals forget that they too have a history to tell and that many wish to learn from. Not everyone's history is pretty nor is it unforgettable. Have you read some of the text in the Bible? Some of it is darn right scarry. Yet it is used by a person of the cloth during their sermons from the pulpit and yet, I don't see anyone getting all crazy about its teachings, do you? Tell me sir, when was the last time the Diocese decided to exclude a certain passage , book from the teachings of the Old or New Testament?

Erasing textbooks , classes , seminars , videos etc. that can tell us more in depth about our world history as men and women and how we simply can't stop beating , hurting , killing , annihilating each other because you look , sound , act differently. Or because you come from another world (nation in this case). My great-grandmother, Mrs. Sixta Ferrer de Colon said it best with just a 4th grade education, she said to this six year old little girl (muah), " cuando yo lloro, son lagrimas como las tuyas, cuando me doy un golpe me raspo igual que tu y cuando yo me corte, mi sangre es el mismo color que la tuya. So porque nos tratan mal? Es porque sienten miedo de nosotros y nos envidian porque tenemos un legado que no tienen ellas o ellos. Recuerda eso siempre mi nena,ok." Now my great-grandmother did not look like I did. We were completely different , she was part Taina India , Spanish and African. This is what makes us Puerto Rican. I carry her blood and her legacy with me everywhere. She always would tell me especially when she'd see me looking ta my aunts books, learn everything there is to learn and what they don't want they don't want you to learn. Someone who is ignorant because he/she wants to be, is a tragedy. But someone who leads their lives through curiosity are the most successful and intelligent beings that God placed on this earth. Gracias 'buela.

So if I want to learn and signup for an AP class about a peoples/cultures history, whether good or bad (according to you know who)so that I can make up my own mind as to what I truly think about those who wish to simply deny the past , let it be known that our future leaders , those whom you are denying them their scholastic rights to learn , will be running this world in the next ten , twenty years from now. Wonder what you'd do if they decided to do something similar to you. Like denying you the ability to rule.

Amen.....Dios ha dicho.

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